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Short Travel Stories

Love short travel stories?

Then you’re in the right place!

This guide shares some of the best travel stories you can find.

Discover funny anecdotes that will make you laugh, inspiring love stories from the road that will warm your heart, wild travel tales that will have you glued to your screen, travel horror stories that will take you out of your comfort zone, scary travel stories that will creep you out, and more.

Along with reading my own personal short stories about traveling the world, you’ll hear from other nomads who have unique anecdotes to share.

On that note, scroll down to read some truly interesting travel stories that will make you giggle, cry, scream, and more.

Crazy Travel Stories

A collection of wild stories from the road.

Travel Horror Stories

You’ll be thankful that you’re reading — and not telling — these horror travel stories.

Short Travel Stories About Kindness & Love

Inspiring travel love stories & anecdotes showing the kindness of strangers abroad.

Funny Travel Stories

Stories about travel that will make you laugh.

Travel Experience Stories

These short travel stories talk about life-changing trips!

Inspiring Travel Stories

Inspiring stories about traveling the world from people experiencing transformation and overcoming challenges. These are some of the best short motivational stories on the internet!

Short Travel Stories FAQ

Below, find answers to frequently asked questions about the topic of short travel stories.

Q: What’s the best way to start writing a great short story?

Wondering how to write short stories?

One strategy I love using is to start with some writing prompts.

Because thinking too much can hurt your creative flow, I recommend picking one randomly and then diving into your story without spending too much time agonizing over the details. Instead, just write.

By the way, even if you only have one day to spare on education you can learn a lot.

Here is some helpful information on how to improve your creative storytelling skills for more engaging writing, as well as how to tell better stories through photography.

Q: What are the best short travel stories you have ever heard?

Personally, I love travel stories that make me feel something and take me on a journey. The story can be funny, sad, heartwarming, crazy, scary…

…or even a mix of everything, like my own crazy Couchsurfing story, shared here:

Q: What is your latest noteworthy travel story?

On a personal level, my sexual assault stories from the road have been some of the hardest but most important to share.

Additionally, I recently wrote a story about exploring England beyond London by train last which was a lot of fun to write.

Q: What are the categories you can put on a travel blog?

It is up to you, though I suggest considering the hierarchy you want your blog to have.

Think about the main topics of your blog — for instance, short travel stories is one of my categories — as well as how you can organize destinations. For example, I have continents as my categories, and then I list countries and cities as tags.

Q: What are your favorite travel stories while traveling in India?

One of the wildest India travel stories I’ve ever shared is about when I tried bhang lassi during a trip to Varanasi a few years ago.

It was the first time I’d ever heard of the drink, and it really was one of the craziest travel experiences of my life.

Here is a video I posted sharing the details:

Q: Why do people like to read travel stories?

Because stories are addictive, and great travel storytelling can transport you to destinations around the world right from your living room.

In fact, stories offer one of the best ways to travel at home.

Bonus Short Travel Stories

I hope you enjoyed reading these stories about world travel.

The amazing stories above span the globe — South Africa, South America, Machu Picchu, New Zealand, NYC, and beyond!

If you’re still craving more tales:

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What are your favorite short travel stories?

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